Audiovisual projects

Examples of creative subtitles produced for my Master Thesis. 

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Explainer video created for an Uruguayan project developed during a Hackathon. 

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Short 2D animated movie recreating the original Pixar movie as part of a project studying symmetry in films. 

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Explainer video created for a department of Quanam, a consulting company with more than 400 employees.

More designs for Q.

Animated intro for a film company. 

Check other designs for Xamalú Filmes.

Short 2D animated video clip created as final project for a Master course.

Spatial-temporal representation of cinematographic scenes as part of a cognitive film studies project. 

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Video combining footage and pictures from birds taken in the surroundings of my hometown.

Multimedia show which combines different technologies, dance and music to create a unique experience. 

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Video documentation of a photo project which recreates the Uruguayan school of 1900.

More about the project.

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