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The use of visual composition in the moving image: the case of symmetry

Studies have shown that geometric compositions affect the quality of pictures (Luo & Tang, 2008). Granting an irregular use of this concept, symmetry can emphasize the power of scenes (Thonsgaard, 2002). In this paper, we explore the use of symmetry in the moving image. A list of directors who rely on symmetry and a sample of their work is chosen for the analysis. The use of symmetry in the scenes was categorized using the multi-level model designed by Suchan, Bhatt and Yu (2016). We also analyzed camera movements and the use of several types of operations of symmetry such as reflection, rotation, translation, etc.  The aim is to observe how symmetry is being used in the moving image, which can offer a guideline on how to reuse it in a similar way, and to suggest new ways of symmetry application. 


Inspired by the results, a short animated movie was recreated using symmetry in different levels and with different combinations of operations. With this, we seek to motivate further research to test the effect of the presented use of symmetry on the audience‘s visual perception and attention on the aesthetics.

La Luna
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Scene level symmetry
Symmetry in Up
Film level symmetry
Object level symmetry
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