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Currently developing my PhD thesis on creative subtitles and working as a Multimedia Designer.

This is me

I'm a Uruguayan designer and researcher with a multidisciplinary background who has proven to be willing to overcome every challenge and to achieve every goal through effort, dedication and a smile!

I'm currently doing a PhD in Communication in the area of Multimedia Translation at the University of Vigo. My research focuses on creative subtitles, those subtitles which challenge the standardized design rules of subtitles (in terms of typefaces, placement, sizes) to specifically adapt to the aesthetic requirements of each film while including them as a natural component in the filming process (following the Accessible Filmmaking approach). The aim is to create a taxonomy of creative subtitles that can help filmmakers and subtitlers to find suitable solutions for their films. In order to do so, it is important to explore the possibilities of typographic design in films and analyze what has been done so far. This being said, I started by analyzing text elements in films and I have proposed a new classification for these type of elements. Presently, I am searching for existing examples of creative subtitles and creating a database. Afterwards, I will create my own examples and carry on a reception study.   

Apart from the academic involvement, I work as a freelance designer, mainly for Quanam, a Uruguayan consulting company with several offices in America and more than 400 employees. I do corporate design (logos, presentations, business cards, invitations, brochures) and also work on specific projects doing UI designs, explainer videos, project proposals, etc. I have also designed logos, websites, cd covers, posters and social media content for other clients.


I am open to new proposals and projects either for corporate design or for subtitling. 

Enjoy my web and feel free to contact me!


Subtitling | Accessible Filmmaking | Cognitive Film Studies | Eye-tracking


Subtitling | Motion Graphics | Animation | Photography | Films


Logos | Flyers | Brochures | Presentations | Explainer videos  

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